Call for works

Online Sound Art Exhibition 


Deadline for submissions: extended – 24 March 2021 


Exhibition: 8 April 2021 


Audire project invites submissions of existing sound art works to be exhibited online, as part of the “Sound, Art and Media” meeting programme on April 8, which address any aspects of the theme. Sound art works may be of any kind, including (but not limited to) soundscapes, sound narratives, field recordings, mixed compositions.


Please use the submission form to send your work.


If the sound work exceeds 10 MB, please provide a link to download the file. 


Specifications for submissions: 


– Audio file of the sound art work (7 minutes max. in duration, wav file)
– Description of the work: title, synopsis, techniques, credits, up to 5 keywords (150 words, doc or pdf file)
– A brief artist biography (100 words, doc or pdf file)
– One image (optional, jpg file format)
– Link url to personal page or other works (optional)
– Please specify any listening instructions for the audience if needed (example: for a binaural recording, the audience is advised to listen with headphones)





There is no submission fee. We regret that given the numbers involved we are not able to offer fees for artists selected via this call.


With your agreement, the exhibition will remain online after the event.