Sound works

29 August, 2019


On World Listening Day 2019, in the garden of the bookstore Centésima Página in Braga, researcher Laura Romero performed a sound action where a camping tent was converted into a small and intimate recording studio. People who were in the bookstore were invited to participate. Each person, lying inside the tent, experienced their own listening and recording moment. Around it, several bottles contained papers with poems and questions about memories, sounds and spaces. The result is a polyphonic and intimate piece that portrays the city of Braga and the Minho region, at the same time that it portrays some memories, stories and sensitivities of the people who share conviviality in this space.

The piece contains some binaural recordings and therefore it is recommended to listen with headphones for a better listening experience.

Bragafonia is a sound creation by Laura Romero, with the support of Livraria Centésima Pàgina and the Center for Communication and Society Studies at the University of Minho. This piece was developed under the project “Audire: saving sound memories”, during July and August 2019. Thanks for the support and participation are endless: Helena Gomes, Adriano Ferreira, Francisca Martins, Sofia Saldanha, Madalena Oliveira, Alberto Sá , Pedro Portela, Ricardina Magalhaes, Alice Dutra, Cristina dos Santos, Luis Caície, Alberto Fernandes, and all the anonymous people who shared their memories.