Sound narratives

Sound works created by the participants of the first edition of the Sound Creation Workshop, held on 6 and 13 July. The authors were challenged to build narratives from sounds from a distance, a participatory collection of more than 60 recordings shared during quarantine.




Re-reflect and listen

Ana Sofia Paiva

We live in hasty times. On the way to work, in transport, running to meetings or to our children’s school parties, life passes so fast that we don’t even realise it. But a pandemic came into play: with all the disadvantages and sadness it brought us, one of the positive aspects was the slowdown of time. This work designates this: to experience the landscape instead of just seeing it through the window, to value what we once took for granted. Life doesn’t wait.


Sound of freedom

Anita Rodrigues

In the first moment of this sound creation, which represents pre-pandemic life, sounds associated with freedom are heard (such as going to concerts and conviviality with friends). In the second moment, already situated in life during the pandemic, it is possible to hear present sounds in a reinvented freedom.


Weather forecast

Diana Serrão

The idea for the soundscape arises from a text by Harold Pinter, entitled “Weather Forecast”, which brings us to the tense relationship of Human with time and the active listening of the audio of the Sounds of distance. The intention is to create a dramatic relationship with time through the human voice and the sounds of different places and spaces in an immersive sound environment that awakens the senses, memory and imagination.


Where we are now

Rui Dias

A few decades from now, in a war-beset world in which the Western civilisation’s base structures collapsed, a father tells his son how it all began in 2020.