Let’s talk about what we do

3 September, 2021

Next Wednesday, 8th September, the Audire’s team promotes a session of the Permanent Seminar for Research and Community. This will be an online meeting (link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/81490567800), not requiring previous registration. The session will be conducted in Portuguese.

Title: Sob o signo do som: memória, expressão e cultura

Speakers: Madalena Oliveira and Cláudia Martinho

8th September 2021 :: 14h00 (Portuguese time zone)

World Listening Day 2021

18 July, 2021

In response to the challenge of listening to “the unquiet Earth” we have created a composition based in field recordings of two soundwalks in Braga.

Binaural recording. Listening with headphones is recommended.

(Português) Oficina para investigadores

11 June, 2021

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A equipa do projeto AUDIRE promove na próxima quinta-feira, dia 17 de junho, entre as 14h00 e as 16h00, uma oficina prática sobre princípios básicos de captação e edição de som. Dirigida a investigadores de Ciências Sociais, esta iniciativa pretende ajudar estudantes de pós-graduação e outros pesquisadores a utilizar elementos sonoros nos trabalhos de investigação que desenvolvem.

Que cuidados se deve ter durante a gravação de uma entrevista? E na captação de outros ambientes sonoros relevantes para as abordagens científicas?

Como editar o trecho de uma entrevista ou de outros conteúdos sonoros?

A que aspetos atender na utilização de recursos sonoros em apresentações em eventos científicos?

Que relevância pode ter o material sonoro para a investigação em Ciências Sociais?

Numa sessão de duas horas, os participantes vão ser convidados a experimentar equipamento e software específico, de utilização simples.

Inscrição gratuita, mas limitada a 10 participantes (até ao final do dia 16 de junho)

Sessão conduzida (em Português) por Madalena Oliveira e Cláudia Martinho.



Two soundwalks to know Braga by listening

31 May, 2021

The AUDIRE project team promotes two soundwalks in Braga on June 14 and June 28 (19h00-20h00). The activity is free and open to the community, but limited to the registration of 10 participants.

There are no special requirements. This will be a light walking. The willingness to listen to the environment while walking is enough.

The soundwalks will be guided by the sound artist Cláudia Martinho.



Online meeting: SOUND, ART AND MEDIA

18 February, 2021


Sound is a physical vibration that informs our daily experience. But it is also a language through which we also express our rational and affective experience. Thinking of sound as a connection and relationship, as an expression of flow and time, the Audire project team and Sopcom’s Radio and Sound Media working group invite researchers, professionals, students and artists to an online meeting, about the power of sound in communication.


How does sound impact the way we see the world? Can sound art promote engaged and active listening? How relevant is sound within a visual media culture? In addition to a plenary conference, this meeting also has space for the presentation of scientific works, and an online exhibition of sound artworks is also expected.


The event takes place on April 8 (only in the afternoon), entirely in English. The call for papers closes on March 15.

World Radio Day

6 February, 2021

LINK: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/84084185233

On February 13 (Saturday), we signalled the World Radio Day with a conversation about a medium that is both practical and magical. From 6pm, we joined Ana Galvão, Radio Renascença, Rita Colaço, Antena 1, and Luís Oliveira, Antena 3, in a Zoom session open to all to celebrate this date instituted by UNESCO 10 years ago.


To discuss the concept of sound art

19 November, 2020


The researchers Madalena Oliveira and Cláudia Martinho, from the AUDIRE project team, are participating in the VI International Congress on Cultures. In the communication that they will present at the table “Memory, art, museology and cultural expressions”, the authors seek to question the artistic dimension of sound productions, the aestheticisation of listening, the vocation of museums and the reconfiguration of the concept of exhibition itself.


November 20, at 12pm, online.